San Ramon Jewelry Store Robbery Shocks Community

A blatant armed robbery that targeted a jewelry store in San Ramon left customers and company owners uneasy. On March 18, 2023, a heist took place in broad daylight at the luxury City Centre Bishop Ranch shopping center. Both security cameras and numerous witnesses recorded it on video. The thieves stole an unknown number of goods, made off, and are still at large. In this article we will discuss San Ramon Jewelry Store Robbery Shocks Community, what happened, and how did people react.

What Happened?

Around 2:45 on Friday, the heist took place at Heller Jewellers, according to the San Ramon Police Department. Seven robbers stormed the business, several brandishing guns, and one of them aimed a gun at the store’s security guard. After that, they broke display cases and took pricey items like jewelry and Rolex watches. The entire ordeal lasted less than three minutes.

The robbers thereafter fled the store in two getaway Jeep Cherokees and Dodge Chargers, both of which were orange in color. They sped off, leaving a trail of shattered glass and horrified onlookers in their wake. Numerous witnesses claimed to be astonished and terrified by what they saw, although no one was hurt during the robbery.

How Did People React?

At a busy period of the day when many consumers were present at the mall, the robbery took place. Many of them heard the disturbance or saw the robbery. Some of them used their cell phones to take the footage, which they then shared on social media. Some people made 911 calls or told adjacent businesses to lock their doors.

General Manager of the restaurant Delarosa, Luca Zanet, told CBS San Francisco that he spotted the burglars fleeing the jewelry store with bags stuffed with valuables. He claimed he had to take a second look because it briefly seemed unbelievable. Additionally, he claimed that numerous children were present in the mall because it was a day off from school.

Mother from San Ramon and shopper Shan Gao told CBS San Francisco that she felt awful and ashamed for what happened while she and her family were in the mall on Saturday. According to her, San Ramon is a pretty safe city, and she did not anticipate such a crime to occur there.

Following the incident, many customers and business owners expressed concern about their safety and security. They hoped that the police would apprehend the burglars quickly and that the retail center would beef up its security.

What Is Being Done?

The San Ramon Police Department said it is investigating the robbery and looking for the suspects. It did not release any information about the suspects’ descriptions or identities. The store also did not say how much money or merchandise was stolen from it.

The police department asked anyone who has information about the robbery or the suspects to contact them at (925) 973-2779.

The City Centre Bishop Ranch shopping center declared that it is supporting Heller Jewellers and helping the police investigation. It also stated that it is assessing its security policies and practices to safeguard the security of its clients and tenants.

Heller Jewellers, a family-run firm that has operated since 1996, expressed appreciation for the community’s support and concern. It said that it is collaborating with its insurance provider to evaluate the harm and losses caused by the robbery. Until further notice, it is also currently closed to the general public, it added.


The horrific and unsettling robbery of Heller Jewellers in San Ramon alarmed many residents of the neighborhood. The burglars were brazen and cunning, breaking into a busy shopping center in the middle of the day. Police are still looking for them and requesting assistance from the public. The shop owners are working to heal from their trauma and loss. Justice and peace are what customers and company owners want.


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